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I browse the internet a fair bit, ¬†an unfair bit actually, considering it’s not at ALL in my job description! One thing I’ve noticed is that creativity bleeds. No one who loves good design allows themselves to be sloppy. For instance, if you admire a sexy, well designed, interior you will more than likely be attracted fine things in all areas whether it be art, interiors, fashion, etc. Unfortunately I have low self-esteem ADHD. Which means, I’m busy loving everything and believing everyone is better at it than I could ever be. Which means, I admire many things but lose a little steam when it comes to striving to achieve the same stellar style. But I have to say envy is really inspiring! So, I did the natural thing you must do if you ever wish to finish anything: I made a list!

  • Insulate the garage door
  • Insulate the attic space
  • Seal the door frame
  • Install AC in window

This is all for the conversion of my garage into my photo studio/writer’s den.

  • Research Low Residency MFA’s
  • Write

Doing is the only thing that separates me from potential success or imminent failure.

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