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This week I signed up for the corporate 5k. I am very driven by the possibility of a free t-shirt. :-) Work covered the race entry fee and now, I have a goal. Although I intend to walk it, it will be good to have something to train for. Today I printed up one of those couch to 5k training plans. And just getting it done! My main goal is not to hurt myself and the secondary goal is of course to establish a new habit. This month in our OLW prompt was to schedule a practice, but I didn’t do it this month. I don’t usually read the prompts right on the 1st of the month so I missed a few days before i got around to looking at the prompts. Luckily, I can just use this prompt any time. I’ll be doing the 5k with some friends from work which will be fun. I also found out that as part of my work life benefits work covers up to $112 per quarter towards a gym membership reimbursement and this now covers YOGA! I’m so excited! 

I know I have hubbies support with all this now i just need to stick to it. 

More details about the 5k can be found here: 

So Excited!!!

If I stick to my training schedule I’ll treat myself to some new kicks for the race. Goal Set!

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