cold feet


Literally….  my feet, not the proverbial fear of beginning or embarking on something, just the regular, literal, cold feet. Which I have remedied somewhat by donning these lovely creatures:

My love of lambs knows no bounds. I’ve had to turn the heat on after all, I just couldn’t take it anymore. The problem with ‘cold front’s’ when you live somewhere that is typically hot all year round is that it’s not even going to last long enough to get all worked up about. I’m not a fan of being hot. A cold front offers me a break from swimming in my own sweat, from chaffing, from well, I’ll spare you. So, when mother nature sends over a weekend of cold weather, I kind of like it- and this is going to sound strange- when I’m outside. I need the sun to provide the warmth that the shade cannot give me. Being indoors is like being outside on a chilly but agreeable day and spending it all in the chilly shadows. Since I couldn’t bring the sun indoors I gave in and turned on my heat. Now I’ve got to turn on my humidifier before my lips chap and fall off.

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