choke hold


Ever feel strong armed? Like life has you in some kind of choke hold? Hmm, I can relate. Responsibility is the number one dasher of hopes and dreams. It is the antonym of freedom, it is the nemesis of fun. It’s also the thing that keeps me moored to my day job. Just spent the last hour discussing a new work opportunity and realized it will keep me even further tethered to reality and my responsibilities. I didn’t get as far as I wanted with my salary negotiation, but there was some movement. Isn’t that the nature of humanity to always want more? It seems that the more fixed you become on the vision you have for yourself the more difficulty you have tolerating the in between stuff, the regular, the daily, the mundane.  Doesn’t the world recognize my amazingness? I guess the question is, do I? Better keep chasing the dream and make it so.


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