chilling on a Sunday evening


Change the inevitable constant! I have been swirling around in a cloud of change, watching an old life drift away and a new one bursting through. All of my packing is done, the moving is complete. In short, the stressful part is behind me. Well all except for a few things. Now all that’s left is settling in with all my belongs in tow and of course, compromising. Facing, too, my unusual attachment to things simply because they are mine, even though I scarcely thought twice about them before. But I get to let go of a lot of things. So, really, while moving is stressful, it’s also a very cleansing time.

Now that I’m unpacking things I get a chance to reevaluate their place without rushing. And, I’m surprised by how much I find myself willing to let go. Even though I do put up a little bit of a fight from time to time. :) Luckily I have been able to donate most of my stuff or sell/give away bigger items to people who need it. That does make things easier. Tonight I’m doing something I really enjoy and it’s been a while. Call me simple but I do really enjoy reading with a little music playing. It really does a lot for making me feel relaxed. The Tv is a great distraction and very entertaining but I still need to retreat every now and then to a book. I’m grateful my beloved enjoys reading and is happy to oblige me, wine glass in hand.
We have a few projects going on right now inside and outside the house. I suppose I should do a better job of documenting them. It would make for a fun series of picture even if just for us later on down the road. We have a few home improvement projects nearing completion, a small garden blooming and a two new vehicles we are slowly making our own. It’s a busy time indeed! Maybe if I get a minute I’ll snap a few pics for sharing.
Anyways, you have no idea how nice it feels to be on this couch tonight. Chilling by the glow of iPads. :)

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