chasing the light


Last night, while flipping through the channels and wondering what I would eat for dinner, I grabbed my keys and hit the road. Light was fading fast, begging me to run along wherever it led. Rollins glowed with fading sunshine, like a golden city canvased by emerald trees and cerulean skies. Light claimed doorways, filled arches and spilled into forgotten corners. Practically vacant, it was a sight unspoiled, graced only by light and sky. I know I could get lost there, exploring areas beyond the trusty classrooms of Orlando Hall. I found myself vying for a good seat to watch an amazing sunset, and frustrated by the signs and billboards that blocked the sky. Eventually I found a little lake with boat houses and towering oaks, enduring the itchiness of the grass and hostility of the hidden root stumps that threatened. Nature takes my breath away.

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