but, on the other hand…


Every time I think about my future (which is a lot as of late) I wonder what type of educational path I should take. Years ago getting a Bachelors degree was sufficient, but now even a Masters degree in underwater basket weaving would be prized. This puts me in panic mode for a couple of reasons, chief among them is the need to divide myself into either a creative\literary\educational person or a technical\management\corporate monkey. I’m very afraid of being a monkey. And of course there is money, every year you want more than the last. And with every new job you want to make even more. More, more, more! The problem with our American existence. I have to really consider what my strengths are and how they could be used more effectively in either environment. I strongly believe that high tech corporate culture stands to benefit from a creative thinker such as myself. But, on the other hand, I too could use some of the personal nurturing of being in a creative educational environment.

As this is also the year of my self-compassion it’s difficult not to run off into the woods and ‘leave it all behind’ so to speak. I need to find a way to nurture both sides of myself so that no one feels neglected. File that under “Gemini problems.” I’m not in a position to leave town and go off to pursue a graduate degree in English, I haven’t invested in a low residency MFA, and all technical related degrees seem geared towards those interested solely in climbing the corporate ladder. I’m in somewhere  in-between with bright glistening little doe eyes. How do you leave the nest?

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