bucket list in progress


After my last post about Boston I realized that I hadn’t written any posts about items on my bucket list. So on this fabulous Friday, I entreat you to dream with me and think about the things you have or want to add to your bucket list. But don’t be content to dream! Dream big, yes, absolutely, 100% but don’t forget to do.  Every goal takes planning and an attitude that really believes it can be accomplished.

Here we go:

~ Visit Walden Pond (CHECCCK!)
~ Go on a Yoga Retreat (Thailand, India, not sure where)
~ Meet Deepak Chopra
~ Take a year off from work and travel the world
~ Live abroad
~ Visit Alaska
~ Jump out of a perfectly good airplane

It’s hard to write a list like this when the muse isn’t striking. The last two were ones I thought of on the fly just now, but the top five have been on my mind a lot. I think that’s when you know something needs to be on the list for sure. I could add a bunch of countries to my bucket list and I know I could definitely cross one of them off on a near yearly basis. But to me,  it needs to be bigger. It’s not just traveling to far-away land, it’s what i do when I’m there, do i go alone? Do I photojournal those experiences, do I make it part of a bigger goal,  say the lonely planet by the unlonely girl? That’s just it, dreams should be so big they scare you. Bucket lists, should scare you a little too. Or do I have the concept wrong? Are bucket lists just about things you would do if you had more time or more money? If they are then I can make time and money easily just by cutting back on non-essentials and so could anyone for that matter. If that’s the case, then bucket lists are not that special. I definitely think money and time make these things possible, but what makes them absolutely exciting is the work you have to do to get them and whether they scare you a little and push you out of your comfort/safety zone.


So, what’s on your list? Inspire me and let me know in the comments!

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