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Apparently people like me, who have a day job and an unrelated passion, have to forgo sleep in order to achieve success. I’m a crabby-pants without sleep, not to mention I’m more of an afternoon-ist than a morning or evening person.

I know my complaint is completely irrational but I’m sooooo busy!! And sooooo tired!! Dang all this effort. Meanwhile, literally back on the ranch, there are people who work, raise kids, work and raise kids, raise kids and work etc. Heck, kids are work and there’s no raise! Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I just need to break through that wall that inevitably hits me when I get home, instead of resting against it while fearing it’s un-scalability.

While I know I just have to do it… I’d rather not do it with a point and shoot and a crappy oven!

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