birthdays and aging


This weekend I celebrated my birthday by enjoying a good time with close friends.


I have never been one to throw huge parties for myself, even when I was young. My idea of a good time has and will always be to gather my closest friends, share a delicious meal and spend time together. Sometimes there is a gift exchanged, that’s always nice but certainly not expected. The thing I hold most valuable is time and it’s always so appreciated when my friends choose to spend theirs with me.

I only had one wish for my birthday: to eat at Maggiano’s! Ever since we ate their last November I have been thinking of their zucchini fries. I knew I just had to eat there again! I got to share my birthday with my friends husband who is like a brother to me and we made a great night out of it. There is no greater joy for me than to be around my friends.  I hope to keep celebrating today and continue being grateful for a wonderful life.

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