back from the dead…


Hello there! I’m back from another extended absence. It’s becoming the standard around here but for some reason, I can’t seem to let this site go. In my latest efforts to stay on task or to achieve more stick-to-it-iveness  I’ll write down what the plans are at the moment.

I started doing project life in 2014 just before the birth of my daughter. I’ve been behind ever since and constantly playing catch up. This doesn’t really phase me. The more videos I watch and more layouts I do I refine my process. Right now, if I continue the process I’ve been doing, ie. printing all the pictures I like whether or not there is an actual story to tell, I will have approximately 5 zillion albums when i die. Part of the new process will be to document the stories and the occasional super cute, but basically boring photo.

Project life has also morphed into a combination of pocket pages and 12×12 layouts. I have been watching a lot of process videos and have decided to make some process videos myself. Ambitious. I have made one. Partially. My camera stopped recording at some weird 13 or 15 minute mark and then I completed the layout without recording it. Still working on those challenges. So for now, keeping the blog, will likely use it more for my scrappy pursuits and the occasional what’s up status update.

I struggle with procrastination and completion. Sometimes, I don’t start and sometimes I don’t finish the things I want to do. Not sure if it’s poor planning, fear of failure, self-doubt, self-criticism but I’m guessing it’s a combination of all the above. I decided that I am going to use my Pinterest board as a guide for some projects I want to do. Since we are nearing the holidays I’m going to do something holiday related. I’m going to decorate a couple of pumpkins for the house. If they turn out nice, I’ll give them to my parents for the holidays. My mom’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and they both love decorating for the seasons.  So that’s project one. We’ll start there.

In my absence, I bought a sewing machine. I have all the supplies to make a pair of pants but I haven’t started. What if I fail? This should probably be project one… maybe they will run in tandem. I have to measure myself. <— could be the reason i haven’t started! lol

On the family front, we have lost one of our doggies. We suspect to cancer. So we are sad. Wish the dogs could live forever. We also got two kittens who are running around and bringing life and excitement to our home. I haven’t even had a chance to document their arrival, or Layla’s departure for that matter. I’m never short on things I want to do. I’m trying to start writing things down more consistently, but honestly, I end up with a lot of notes that make the randomness of my brain feel rather scary.

In any case, updating the blog with a post is officially something I can cross of my list.


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