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One of the things I really enjoy about where I work is who I work with. In my few short months here I have made two friends who make what would otherwise be a rather mundane work place quite bearable. I tend towards being social and so of course I was happy to foster a workplace friendship with these ladies. They seemed to be in my age range, intelligent and very down to earth. I noticed that they both had Fitbits so I took mine out of its dark hiding place, dusted it off and started wearing it again. Although my hubs doesn’t see any value in it, or any other ‘measuring’ device, I think it’s nice to have a way to track your activity level and have friendly competitions with your friends. Now, we take a brief break usually daily to take a walk around the property. If we’re lucky we get 3 laps and when it rains we just walk in the garage. This is definitely a must have in my life right now. My job isn’t very social and it’s very sedentary. Without my daily walk I’d probably get a blood clot! I kid! In any case, it’s been nice to have a little company in the getting back to the gym department. Since we’ve had the baby we don’t hit the gym together and definitely not as routinely as before. While I don’t doubt we’ll get there again, I have to take advantage of the opportunities I get to move my ass. Plus, I get to learn a lot about ins and outs of my new work place as the girls talk shop. Win Win. Yesterday we got a brief workout in at the office gym and while not uber strenuous it was just what i needed to ease back into things. Now, I just need to cancel my gym membership and save the hubs $20 a month.

On the walk today we talked about a few different restaurants in the downtown/winter park area. Of course, I hadn’t heard of any of them because we live a little outside of downtown and now with the house prep, we’ve kind of cut back on our big meals out. Having a small baby probably doesn’t help. Overall, I just consider this as a list of places I’d like to try when we’re settled in the new place and have steady grandmother baby care. Since there isn’t much to update on the house right now might as well focus on things I’m looking forward to!

  • RusTeak – This is billed as Steak/Winebar/Gastropub and I can’t wait to try it.
  • Scratch – This is a Tapas place that serves seasonal items and has a varied menu. Scratch is a family owned and operated business, specializing  in fresh, locally procured ingredients prepared with both modern and traditional techniques. Haven’t tried it, but I’m keen!
  • NoPA Grill –  This stands for “Not on Park Ave” which I find rather cool and a little refreshing. The menu is described as urban organic and the pictures are mouth watering.
  • Artisans Table – This site doesn’t have a ready made/canned description of the food. The menu looks varied with great breakfast/brunch options and the Chorizo Porchetta has me wishing we didn’t have plans this weekend. Looks like they also have a lot of drinks and craft beers to choose from also.
  • The Pharmacy – Yes, another tapas place! Haven’t tried it but I love the idea of it’s speakeasy charm. Found the facebook page to have more info, you can check it HERE
  • The East End Market – This is a market place that specializes in artisan foods. Has a lot of variety plus you can shop and take home as opposed to just dining in. Seems like a place that we could take the baby to and of course that’s also a win!
  • Plant St. Market – This will probably be where we head to for our ‘market’ needs. It’s closer to where we will be living once the house is finished. It’s still under construction but the concept is wonderful! And we can’t wait to possibly bike there on the West Orange Trail. Oh, and there is going to be a brewery! Should be awesome. Check out the facebook page for pics of the ongoing construction.

I have no idea when we’ll get a chance to explore all those choices. I didn’t even add all the awesome noodle places we have yet to try downtown. We have at least 6 months until the house is finished. Hopefully soon after we can explore the world around us a bit more.

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