and the purging continues


First of all, let me tell you, nesting is no joke. I have read about it in many pregnancy articles, often paying very little attention. But I realize now, that it’s really quite all-consuming, more-so the closer you get to D-Day. Our house looks like a war zone at the moment but it’s all for a good cause. We are accomplishing things we have been meaning to do and nothing is more motivating (at least for me) than trying to get things finished before the baby comes and before all the baby visitors come.

My husband…and perhaps my sole reader… (thanks baby!), was busy this weekend patching, painting and pressure washing. The last thing that remains for this project is just finishing up the baseboards, and luckily I can help paint those. I have felt pretty useless these last few weeks/months. I guess I do what I can and whatever I’m asked in my ‘supportive’ role… I know how fortunate I am to be married to such a hard and dedicated worker. Meanwhile, I stick to the things  like laundry, tidying up and finishing my little projects which are mostly about decorating, organization and the nursery.

I’ve extended my purging to my computer as well, taking a few moments every day to go through old pictures in my iphoto and aperture library and deleting pictures that I don’t need anymore. I’ve got backups of this stuff on my old time machine backups, but I doubt I will ever have a need for them again. I tend to take pictures for my friends and their events but then these pics end up loitering about on my computer. I decided to burn a few DVD’s and give these guys their pictures and then clean my drive of their stuff. Right now I’m looking to reclaim about 6GB. I’ve also cleaned out some pictures with exes, I mean, I do spend about a minute reflecting on that and thinking about what I’ve learned, how far I’ve come, and then I thank the universe for the experience and happily purge away. And of course now that I know myself and trust that I know myself, I can recognize my unhappiness in these photographs. You live, you learn.  I don’t delete all, but I delete most. I keep things from times and life events that I know changed and shaped me. It’s rather easy to go through these pictures now and see my whole journey, complete with ups and downs, leading me to this present moment. I would not change a thing. Meanwhile, the screen saver of our wedding pictures plays and I’m so infinitely happy. Gratitude is my attitude!  In no time at all I will be filling up all this reclaimed space with pictures of our lovely baby girl!

As far as my weekend goes, I decided to add a highlight or two to my hair. Luckily my hubby liked it even though I’m still getting used to it! Although it wasn’t ‘virgin’ hair, it was still my original color and it’s quite interesting to see these coppery strands staring back at me. After griping for a while about my intense desire to be in a swimming pool I finally got my wish. I went with my sis and her family to Aquatica (a Sea World water park) on Sunday. It was underwhelming for me. I worried a lot about my belly. Would some kid go swimming past and land a foot on me? Would I slip on something? Is the sloshing of the waves too much? In the end I made it home OK, but I felt beat up. It was certainly NOT the type of leisure activity I was hoping for. So, I admit, wholeheartedly, my husband was right. Water parks are NOT fun. I would much rather relax at home in a pool or some friends pool, catch a few rays and listen to the soundtrack of my life, which could be the dogs, the hum of a saw, or a lawnmower on a neighboring lawn.

I love my life and the person I share it with!


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