adventures in pregnancy continued…


Yesterday I met with my midwife for the first time since I decided that I wanted her to deliver the baby. I had to go to the boondocks, to the other office, where she has less patients and more availability. I was not disappointed! I first saw Judy when my own chosen doctor was not available. I instantly liked her, she was knowledgeable, personable, and never in a rush to move on to her next patient. I felt we had her whole undivided attention, like we were her only patients!

I have only met with my selected doctor 1 time since coming to this practice. Our relationship, while not frigid, is not exactly warm and cozy. I think this is one of the main differences between a Doctor and a Midwife, though I assume it all depends on who you get. I pretty much decided going into things that I didn’t want to have a lot of intervention when it came to my delivery. I have pretty much said, yes  I want an epidural, but I don’t want anything extra: ie. no pitocin, no induction, no episiotomy and definitely no C-section.  Granted I know things can get out control and things may happen, but I would much prefer working with someone, like Judy, who has made it clear that we share the same beliefs when it comes to my birth plan. I think that is all you can hope for. When I first met my Dr. I asked him about his take on episiotomies and I left with the impression that he sort of favored them, and really most doctors still live for the opportunity to cut you open. I’m glad to be where I am and to have made the choice that I have made. One other thing that puts me at ease is that she will give me her direct cell phone when I get to 35 weeks, so if I go into labor, I will call her. I had heard from the dr’s office that she’s the only one who works like this. Otherwise, if I go into labor i just get delivered by the doctor on call! Apparently this is common practice, but it was news to me! I can’t imagine anything worse, and I know it’s happened to many people. Fingers crossed that there are no complications requiring surgery or intervention. I think I will be in good shape!

I have had the opportunity to read a lot of birth stories and hear from my family about their own experiences. I think a lot of times I think people try to scare you, or they assume that I will be in a similar boat because of heredity or what not. I choose to believe that every circumstance is different and that I’ll craft my own experience. The only thing that has some links to heredity is baby size. If this is true for me, then I am looking at an 8lb baby at least! I won’t get any measurements until  my 36 week ultrasound, so look for an update in about 4 weeks.

Other than that, we had our child birth class this week and the accompanying hospital tour. Our class was led by Judy (this was before our appt) and we got a lot of information out of it. The hospital tour was very helpful. Most importantly, it’s good to know we can valet park by the ER! That will come in handy should we be rushing to the hospital. From what I have read, most people are rushing to the hospital… go figure! 😉  The hospital has several lunch time breastfeeding classes/get togethers which will come in handy if I have issues. So that is something I will probably look into while I’m out on leave. Overall my excitement level is increasing exponentially. The hospital tour made things feel VERY real and we are both very excited to welcome our little girl into the world soon.

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