Advanced age


I had my first appointment with the OB today. It was uneventful. Basically they confirmed I was pregnant, did a Pap smear and then awkwardly “checked things out”. Not sure what they were feeling for but I got the all clear in any case. Among the things I have learned recently I can now consider myself more “at risk” due to my “advanced age”. I’m also more at risk for increased parentheses use. “Beware”. In any case in the next few months I can expect additional testing to rule out genetic issues. We’ve scheduled the next ultra sound for 3 weeks from now. Will be interesting to hear the heartbeat. I am already feeling the alien takeover. I’ve been extra sluggish. All things considered I’m doing well. I am hoping to hear back about an internal position in my company. It would make me quite happy to expand in that arena as well. But for now more private posts until we let everyone know. So far biggest pregnancy bummer= no raw fish and best pregnancy perk= sympathetic looks when I slum it on the couch all weekend. Can’t wait til December when the first trimester will be winding down. Until then keep an eye out for more delightful posts regarding ailments and other conundrum.

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