a word of thanks


My boyfriend is the most supportive person in my life. When I doubt he asks me why? He ensures that I keep believing in myself. Otherwise, I would likely talk myself out of everything, beginning each sentence with “i wish I could…”. To which he will undoubtedly reply, “why not?” He helps me realize how my fear keeps me from trying and as we all know, nothing guarantee’s failure like not trying.  And for that, I’ve gotta tell my little corner of the world that I am blessed to date my best friend, whom I adore, and respect, and find utterly kissable.  He is great in a existential crisis. <3


  1. I don’t know about blog rolls but I WANNA BE ON IT! lol

  2. I’m having trouble adding you to my blog-roll and it’s making me sad : (

  3. Aww, Liliana’s in lurve <3 <3 <3.

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