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Well it’s December. Almost a week before Christmas and as usual I’m behind on this blog. But I don’t give up on it because when I feel blue, grumpy or stressed its always nice to write down what I’m thinking. It does in fact help me work through things.

Right now I’m swimming in blessings. While I was laid off from my job at the end of October I did finally start a new one last week. This is great,really, but with a new job comes dealing with normal working mom stuff and that’s all new to me. I find that what I really need is a few hours alone to craft or to read and I don’t always find or make the time for that. I don’t need a lot of “me” time but when I go too long without I usually turn into super grump.

I guess that’s one of those things I will have to learn how to juggle better. Life is one big lesson. Damn you life! Always making me learn! Ha!

Overall, life is full of abundance. My wonderful family brings me happiness and joy. I only need to make time to give back to myself some time to replenish myself so I can keep the love flowing.

I frequently think of things to write about but forget to jot them down since I’m usually driving when I get my thoughts and wits about me. :) This morning I was driving in and listening to Oprah. I remember when I lived alone how I would spend Sunday morning watching Oprah’s super soul Sunday. I loved that. It was so inspiring. I haven’t been doing any if the things I used to like to do. Over time I guess that leaves me feeling a little zapped. Although I’m not one for making resolutions I’m going to have to file this under goals for 2015.

I guess I can’t expect to have me time every weekend lol at least not to veg around watching Oprah! But I think once a month would be enough. In fact, I know I just need to follow my dear husbands advice and schedule some time. That is soooo challenging to do with a baby! But heck, nothing ventured nothing gained right?
I guess I should start with a list:
Read a book
Craft/project life
Super soul Sunday
Blog. (Once a week is not too ambitious?!)
Work on Pmp cert (long term goal should be on the schedule!)

As it is now, I’m blogging from my phone while pumping at work. It’s not beautiful but it’s efficient. Since I pump sooooo many times a week writing a post at least once shouldn’t be an issue.

Well time for work. Let’s see how I do!

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