a Schmidtism on the state of the Chinese economy, because we all give a damn.


[3:00:26 PM] Schmidt: i just got back from a meeting

[3:00:34 PM] Schmidt: and then went to lunch

[3:00:39 PM] Schmidt: and on the way back from lunch

[3:00:49 PM] Schmidt: got interviewed by a chinese news channel.

[3:00:52 PM] Schmidt: i’ll be famous.

[3:00:55 PM] Schmidt: in china

[3:45:49 PM] Schmidt: I can’t help but add that I want you to know that I will soon be very famous in China.  Indeed.  Moi.  Yours truly.  I, no, EYE! was interviewed by a Chinese news station on my way back from lunch.  Yes. Yes. I. Wuz.  EYE was asked about my view of the strategic and economic dialogue meetings underway right now in Beijing.  EYE was asked my view on the Chinese economy.  EYE was asked about what I hoped for current and future US-Chinese relations….   Umhmmm.  Moi.  Apparently the Chinese are verrrrrrrrrrry interested in what I have to say.  I’m imagining my audience right now…rapt, no doubt.  Now, mind you,  the fact that I didn’t know these meetings were going on did not in any way, shape or form prevent me from providing an opinion on them.  Indeed, I felt that providing an opinion on something which up to two minutes prior I had no idea even existed was, to my mind, the best representation I could possibly give to my Chinese audience of being the quintessential American.  You could say I felt that providing an opinion without a grasp of the facts was my civil service and public duty as an American.   After all, there is a reason our esteemed American philosopher Harry Frankfurter recently wrote the treatise “On Bullshit”, is there not?  My willingness to submit to this should be lauded as the act that it was, conducted out of love for and in service to my county.  I mean, you know I love this country.  My front porch flag proves it.


Golly, don’t you wish all your friends were as entertaining?  Yeah. I’m real lucky like that.

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