a relationship with books


I love reading, of that I have no doubt. Some years ago, I quit reading. I found myself reading the same things, the genre ‘chick lit’ had gotten to me so I abandoned books for  a while. It wasn’t my first breakup with books. A long time ago, when I was a late teenager, I gave it up because any idea I had for writing seemed to be borrowed, never quite uniquely my own. When I wrote, I never heard my own voice, just an echo of someone else. I probably gave it too much thought, as I am apt to do… in any case, I rekindled my relationship with books. I thank school for that. There is nothing quite like required reading and open class discussion!  As of late my only excitement (god that sounds lame) comes in bound volumes, well crafted tales, and best seller lists. I’d rather read than watch TV. What does that mean? I am not sure myself, but I do find it lovely.  Here are a few more books I’ll be reading soon:

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