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On Saturday I helped my husband paint baseboards and we went out to lunch with my family from Miami. That’s like the briefest description ever but sometimes concise is all you need. We crammed a lot of  work into this weekend despite having some social time. I’m glad I was able to help him out, it definitely made things go a little faster. We finished the evening with a little sushi out at our local sushi spot and a little gaming on the computer. Overall, it was a good day.

On Sunday I woke up tired (this has been going on now for a little while but I’ll cover the whole pregnancy woes thing later). While everyone was all “may the fourth be with you” I was gearing up for my first baby shower, put together by my sister. I have to say, she did a really good job and it was super cute and intimate. I got to see a lot of old family friends, and obviously the family from Miami and what’s best I got the luxury of time to sit and hang out with them and of course, answer all kinds of questions about my husband, whom no one has met. :-) I guess they can meet everyone later when the baby comes!  I was really blown away by the love and generosity of all of these wonderful people, gathered to celebrate us and our little baby. I will have to tackle some thank you cards here shortly, but my  dad’s cousins from Miami, they really deserve a shout out. These ladies crafted us some amazing hand made outfits for the baby. I will take pictures and share them soon, but I have to tell you, I don’t think the pictures will do them justice. These outfits are so beautiful! Most of them are linen, with lace detailing and beautiful embroidery. To be honest, I’d actually be scared to have the baby wear them for fear of getting them dirty! They are so absolutely beautiful that even I can’t help but love them, even if they are not items I would pick out in a store. I guess that is the difference between things that are not only well made, but also CUSTOM made, and above all truly made with LOVE, you can’t help but love them and prize them, not just for the quality of the item, because it’s not about the thing anymore. These are items I will cherish forever! Unlike most outfits, which are destined to be soiled over and over and perhaps at some point given to a friend, or donated, these items are true heirlooms. Just like the little booties my sister so delicately put on the cake, crafted years ago by my grandmother, they are a simple and beautiful reminder of where we came from.

While I was at the baby shower the hubs stayed home installing baseboards, mowing the lawn and building some additional shelving in the garage. When I got home I quickly got to work helping him with any smaller tasks like clearing out the back porch, throwing away old pieces of cardboard and other not quite glamorous work. I have to say, I love watching my husband work. He is so focused and driven. Even when he goes all task master on me, I always appreciate him and the reasons why he works so hard. After a long hard day of working he still wanted to cook dinner! I on the other hand, could barely stand! My feet were so sore I couldn’t even face a trip through the grocery store. Luckily, we chose to grab a bite at our favorite Indian restaurant instead. Even though I whined for most of the evening, and crawled into bed the moment we go home, it was a great weekend. This morning we both woke up exhausted and spent, no doubt a taste of what is to come, but I know we look around our home and see the fruits of our labor and can be proud of the work we are doing. I certainly am! (And I’m not even doing most of the work!)

Alright, even though this is already a pretty long-winded post, let me continue by saying that, while I have had a great pregnancy (after the morning sickness subsided) I hit some kind of 33 week pregnancy misery accelerometer. It’s as if from this moment my body just became more stubborn! Every morning my hands hurt, and my joints ache. Laying down, and turning in bed is a miserable experience. Comfort is this elusive thing that lasts but oh so briefly! Once it’s time to move, turn or adjust I pretty much sound like a 90 year old being treated for bed sores. I’m trying to step up my water consumption since I read that the pain in my hands is probably due to  additional fluid retention, could possibly be carpal tunnel but, since it’s just in my fingers/hands/joints I think it’s more likely water retention. Swelling has stayed rather minimal, but when it happens my ankles seem to get the worst of it. Overall, still fortunate to have been spared a lot of the heartburn. I think this is because I’m carrying low (or lowish) and of course, the baby is only going to get lower as it prepares it’s final descent into airport code VAG.  (inappropriate much?)  The calendar tells me I have 7.4 weeks to go til my due date. I hope baby comes on or before that, I am not sure I could handle a later term pregnancy, not just because of the burden of suffering with this uncomfortable body, but because the longer the bun is in the oven the more eager the dr’s are to get it out, lessening your chances of an intervention free birth. We continue to be excited for our little bundle and eagerly work on getting things done so we can maximize our bonding time when she is here. Just a few more projects to go and hopefully come June we will just rest up and take advantage of our last few weeks as a family of two.

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