a much needed update


Sorry I have been dormant in my posts. At first it was because I felt so terrible and really had nothing to write about except the varying stages of morning sickness and since this is a me blog and not a pregnancy blog well, I just hibernated. Really though, I’ve just been an absent minded little blogger. I think the fact that I have one reader, maybe two, takes the pressure off from regular blogging and updating. But really, I guess there is no denying that I’m a bit of a lazy blogger.

Let’s catch up on the last few months shall we?

I told my family in early December. We waited until my future mother-in-law came to visit and then took everyone out to dinner and surprised them with the big news. They were so excited. More excited than I ever imagined. It made me so happy. I know that at the time (and still today) I felt a little trepidation about pregnancy etc. Having spent the bulk of my life trying to avoid this and then not trying for it specifically, it was a lot to digest. I try not to make a big deal about it, even though  it is kind of a big deal.

I’ve actually waited until today to make all my early pregnancy posts public. It’s not that I was hiding this news but it was at least initially something I wanted to keep to myself and not have it passed on like gossip fodder from everyone’s lips. And that is exactly what happens when the person who swore they’d never marry, or never have kids goes and does this very thing, casting ripples of shock around their tiny little pool.  There may actually be people who only learn of my pregnancy when they receive an announcement to a baby shower. I just can’t be bothered to tell everyone, especially when I am such an infrequent part of their lives. It feels really vulnerable to make that kind of personal announcement (don’t get me started on baby names!) and then have to bear witness to peoples reactions. After all, it’s pure biology! People do this all the time…. some have been shocked speechless, some have seemed happy but I can sense that invisible veil of worry, the pervasive thought of how things might change etc. Anyways perhaps these are just thoughts I have, or I read too much into things. Meanwhile they are just thinking, god damn… is this really happening? (Believe me I have that thought too!)

We ended up bucking tradition and eloping. It’s what we planned to do from the moment we met and I’m so happy we had this wish in common. Our wedding was the most wonderful day of my life. The trip itself encompassed both wedding and honeymoon and served the added bonus of babymoon. We certainly covered all the bases. We chose Hawaii. Never has a place swept me off my feet like this. Gorgeous weather, fresh fruits, lush and varied landscapes, and the list goes on. We certainly made the best of the trip exploring botanical gardens, waterfalls, and volcanoes. Our wedding took place at sunset with the lull of ocean waves rolling in. Every time i look at my wedding pictures I am so happy. I see only the love and happiness I have for my husband and how happy we both are to have finally found one another.

So yes, I have been busy. Blogging my daily life has taken a bit of a back burner as it often does and dare i say, as it should. But the truth is that writing down those little things that make our days so unique and interesting, that is also the purpose of blogging. Moments slip through our hands so fast, as I am sure I will witness first hand in a few months while I watch my little creature grow week after week. It’s nice to have this timeline of events, the chronology of life, of moods, of thoughts… it’s why I still come back to this medium. It’s great for sharing with those with whom I seldom speak, or rarely see and possibly don’t even know. It’s not an ad or spam, or facebook thread. If you’re reading this, you chose to be here and that makes me happy. :)

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