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Sorry for the spacey and sporadic updates these last few weeks. It’s been a mixture of having too much going on and not having enough going on. Let me explain…

A few weeks back we had a few issues with integrating the dogs together. My dog got bit and after a few days at the vet with some drains and some home care, wound flushing etc. she was on the mend. Then, she got bit again. Repeat. Suffice to say, I was a bit of a stressed out mess. Now, don’t get me wrong we haven’t performed a miracle that’s suddenly bonded our dogs and made them one big happy family. I wish it were that easy. But, we’ve started implementing some boundaries and limitations with the dogs and for the time being left my dog out of the equation so she could mend in peace. Unfortunately, she is a little bit of a spazz and the nervousness just spawns the fear which makes her an easy target with the other dogs. I of course, have also been nervous which doesn’t make things better for anyone. So for the time being, Chloe is on vacation at her home away from home. I’m lucky to have a family friend who loves her and is always happy to care for her. We are working on getting the dogs accustomed to regular walks. I got really frustrated initially, I think because I was still mad at them or at least one of them for biting my little muffin or mostly because they were content to drag me around like I was the one on the leash. Thankfully things have gotten better. The other day I walked both furry monsters a feat that would have been unthinkable a week earlier.

I’m still working on my fear of the dogs fighting. It makes me nervous still. So for now… keeping my dog at the vacation home til I feel better about it.

In other news, we are headed to Jamaica this summer! I’m completely psyched to spend a week with my love. It will be a great escape from the work projects and house projects that occupy our time. A week of soaking up the sun, and drinking Red Stripe and eating all the yummy food will certainly be the bright spot of my summer. I can’t wait to eat some brown stew chicken, jerk chicken, beef patties… pretty much everything I didn’t eat the last time I was in Jamaica. (I was a vegetarian last time I went!) The only other time I have been was on a pit stop for a cruise, and honestly I didn’t enjoy myself very much.

Jamaica is literally just over a month away! It will be here before I even know it! Yippee!!


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