a catch up post


Let’s face it, catching up is basically what i do around here. It’s what I did when I was single, it’s what I did when i got married, and it’s certainly something i’ve had to do A LOT since having a baby. I’m definitely no stranger to procrastination, and this blog is living proof.

It’s not fair to blame any one thing for my lackadaisical approach to blogging or documenting my life. Though, the baby would seem like a likely reason, it’s actually my new job that’s kept me very busy. My heads just been swimming. Some days it’s good and other days not so much. But as a wise man once said, these are the breaks. The story of my life right now is the house which, as you can imagine, has progressed A LOT since February. (Shame on me, it has been THAT long!) When we left of there wasn’t that much to see, a place holder for where my house would actually be one day. Today, we are closing in a little over a month. I have taken tons of pictures. I’ll make it a must do this week to catch you up, even if just with pictures.

Stressing me out lately: The baby turns one in 2 weeks. My MIL comes in one week. Alone these are just normal events, but I’m supposed to get everyone together and I’m more of like a party goer than a party thrower. The good news is I will have help and it will all be ok. So far, the plan for the 1st birthday is going to be pool yard burgers and beer with possibly a little Elmo action. What can I say, my girl loves the classics.  :-)

I’m trying to take better care of myself. I have a tendency to neglect myself and then take it out on others. It’s hard to do and of course, even harder to do these days. I try not to beat myself up for all those pockets of time I waste, but hey, I just try to do better. The house is certainly something to look forward to! Not only is it big and beautiful, it’s proximity to my mom will certainly be convenient. The house is also just a wonderful reminder of all that is right and wonderful in my life, even though some of the sacrifices we are making for it seem like a huge pain in the ass in the short term. However, in the long term, that house is going to be full of so many memories.

For now, I try to remember to breathe, be grateful, and enjoy the sweet baby who is growing so much. She is such a sweet reminder not to waste any time or energy on the small things.

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