a boring little existence


Has it been so long? Oh no! Say it ain’t so! Can’t say I was caught up with anything really exciting, other than getting lost in a state park, without any water, and during an afternoon rainstorm. Admittedly, that’s the most exciting/exhausting thing that’s happened as of late. I did take some photos of all the woodland creatures…(southern woodland, none of that fairytale crap!)…deer, armadillos and spiders. This past weekend we went to Casa Feliz in Winter Park and listened to some jazz, which was nice (and free!), and toured the historic home, snapping photographs to my heart’s delight! In fact, the only thing that has kept me busy these last few weeks has been photography, and fascinating things that come to me via my twitter feed. For example, as if it were not cool enough that Billy Collins taught poetry at my college last year, I found this today on the internet: 3 yr old boy recites, “Litany” by Billy Collins.

The internet keeps me so, so busy. Tonight, I made myself some dinner, hung two photos and promptly situated myself in front of the computer. 9 hours during the day is obviously not enough punishment for me! I am still a little lost when it comes to personalizing my blog… and now it’s that time of night were I start passing out and don’t want to think technically (9 hours of that is enough for one day). I will keep sharing the good stuff as I find it, and procrastinating… always.

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