i’ve angered the blogging gods


I can’t believe I didn’t blog all of September. I’m a little embarrassed about it. The month went by so fast, and there were several times when I said I was going to blog but didn’t. Now that October is here I’m feeling the effects of my busy September and no blogging. I didn’t have an outlet all last month and work got progressively busier and the blog fell away to my blindside.  Even now, all I want to do is sleep and do different things with my work life. But want is nothing without action so I’ve killed this awkward silence on my blog with a blog post to say, I’m back!

I haven’t been doing much in the way of photography either, or writing.  Ugh, massive fail in full effect. Anyways it’s a new month and I will do better.

What’s been keeping you busy lately? YOU my sole rogue reader, my silent companions…

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