7 months and counting down


I’m in the middle of my 29th week of pregnancy. So far, no major issues. I’d say my only physical complaint is that my feet hurt quite a bit much like they did when I was battling with my neuroma and planar fasciitis. I guess my body just can’t handle this weight I’ve put on. Oh well just a few more months to go.

I’m excited that I will have a new manager in a few weeks. In general, I’m hoping for a lot of improvements in work morale from this one change alone. And if for some reason I’m wrong, well I guess it will just make maternity leave even sweeter. :)

I’d like to plan a little weekend trip before the baby comes. I’m really needing a little beach/pool day. Weekends are going to be pretty packed here soon, and with my feet having a lower tolerance than usual I’m pretty much dreading too much activity. I just can’t last as long as I used to. We want to do a Disney trip here soon, before it gets too hot and before I get too big. Though, I fear we are dangerously close to both. :)

The nursery has been painted, furniture purchased and baby shower invites sent out. I went a little crazy a few weekends ago and now have a large collection of baby clothes to put away. :) I picked out a glider and now just have to pick the finishing touches on the nursery. I gotta tell you this has been a tough project for me. Much like my wedding, I spent 0% of my life planning for either. And here I am doing both within a few months of each other. I will try to post some updates of the room but for now it’s going to be a work in progress since we will still need the guest bed for my mother in law. I am getting more excited about these final touches as I see things coming together at last. I can’t wait to meet our little girl.

I think that sums up the latest happenings. I will try to share some pics of the baby clothes and maybe some snapshot of my ideas for the nursery decor. And of course, I need to finish my flipping registry!! So much to do!! Gahhh!!!! Goodnight for now!

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