yay for infinite possibilities


Last week I was confronted with the reality that my domain name was about to expire etc. and my hosting with it, of course. I had to take a look back through my blog, noticing those long stretches of time where nothing was posted, and decide once and for all that I am committed to it. This is what I want to do, not for the money, the fame or the attention but just because writing is my love, even if we break up every once in a while. If you are truly close to me you may already know that I have so many varied interests that it’s difficult to give any one thing all of my heart. My photography goes unattended, my writings and musings gather dust in my cavernous brain (full of butterflies though!), and all my love for home decor is experienced by proxy when I read other blogs.  Anyways, I guess we all have areas of our lives were we want to spend more time, cultivating an interest, exploring a hobby etc.  I am like you. You are like me.  There is always time enough to do what you need to do, and anyone who wants to do more shifts their priorities around until they can do what they like. Sounds so easy doesn’t it?

If you struggle with productivity like I do check the following links for some insight/wisdom/suggestions/etc.:

Thanks to Pick The Brain for making a website that keeps me going.

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