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Monday’s are always hard, more so when they follow a wonderful weekend of lazy fun and relaxation. We keep talking about our growing to do list and things that need to happen before the baby comes but I think somewhere in our consciousness is our desire to still enjoy our time while it’s still ours alone. So, instead of packing up our donations for good will and picking a paint color for the nursery, we played Path of Exile and spent the day at Epcot. True to my word I took my Nikon with me, equipped with the nifty fifty. I didn’t get that creative with it but I noticed signs for the Flower and Garden Festival (or whatever it’s called) and I’m sure another opportunity will present itself. It was a perfectly bright and beautiful sunny day, possibly too bright for the 50mm even with a lens hood. I’ll post some pics next time, though granted nothing too amazing. My body didn’t really want to bend, stoop or squat for any creative photo angles. We finished the day with dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant and once we got home I didn’t want to leave my bed. The day wore me out, which is exactly what I wanted after a week spent behind a desk.

I’ve ordered some new gadgets which make me very excited. I have posted pictures of my desk in the past….(I should dig them up)….  but in any case, my journey with a cluttered desk continues. I ordered some monitors and desk mounts as well as a vertical stand for my laptop. I’m hoping that I might be able to have a clear work surface soon. I think some drawers will help, then I can just shove things out of sight. :-) I’ll call it, ‘filing’.

It’s all due to arrive in a few days and I’ll post a pic once it’s all set up. I’m guessing we’ll have a little time this weekend to configure it, or at least I hope!


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