give yourself credit


This week I have done a lot less complaining. I won’t say it was a perfect complaint free week but I spent more time working on the things that bug me and less time complaining about them, which is a rather huge victory for me. I didn’t really notice the difference in my week as a result of this new reduction in negative focus at first. I was too busy getting things done to think of anything besides, damn this is hard and god I’m tired.

This morning in yoga class a lady I’ve know for some time sits on her mat beside me and all that she can do is complain about work, about missing class on Thursday because of a project at work etc. and has the balls to say to me, you have your phone in here? I leave that off in the car. I don’t think about anything else when in here. mmhmmm. Anyways so, after our delightful practice she says, it’s a bitch getting old. I finally stopped her and said, could you be a little more positive and I got this, no one appreciates cynicism any more. And I said, you’re probably right because it just breeds negativity. She goes on to tell how she used to be, how she use to be able to do the splits. I told her the only thing keeping her from doing the splits again is in her mind. She’s here, doing yoga, and making it happen. Give yourself some credit.

After a week of not complaining as much I really noticed how grating continuous complaining is. You can’t be positive if you only focus on the negative.

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